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Free Income Sources 

Building Bridges to Financial Success

Having a PLAN A & PLAN B

Its good to always have a plan A. The way I see it, a plan A is a job.

A job can pay out consistently and right away because when you get a job you are working for a business that has most likely been around a long time. Unlike starting your own business that can take time to build.

A plan B can be a way to just make additional income or a way to replace your job altogether.

But don't forget, plan B's can often take time to build leverage - especially if you want it to replace your job. Some plan B's are only additional income sources and don't require you to build leverage. 

One plan A that I can help you with that is flexible and pays daily is with Uber. After having been a teacher for 20 years, and having lost my job as our school lost funding, I found Uber to be a great way to make flexible income. Because of this I have completed over 6000 rides and have helped others make good income with Uber too.


Here is a possible plan A for you. Uber pays daily and pays per ride you complete. You will need a car no older than 2005 (I believe) and insurance. Uber does have insurance that kicks in once you pick up the passenger. Here is the link to start. Please also give me a call so I can help you with the details! 

*Please note that this ad above is for Los Angeles Area and your area may have a different promotion.

Click here for more info

After signing up call me for additional help: 


Plan B: 

Additional Income Sources 

Important Note:

FREE Business Models.

What's the Catch!


Usually with Free business models there is a

let me explain...


It doesn't have to be bad but there is usually something you have to give for a company to let you use their valuable assets.

But there usually is a different price than moneyIt may be time and effort or doing something for the company that will help them out in some way. 

Now that you know that, you will be better prepared to find out what exactly it is that they want of you in order to use their asset to make money. 


There is a difference between owning a business and working for a job. First of all if you work for a job, you are NOT the one who bought it. Therefore you cannot control it. If you own a business then you have freedom to set your own hours and advertise it and build it how you like.

Affiliate marketing allows you the best of both worlds. The ability to set your own hours but not have to be the original builder of the business.
Most business are NOT free. Can you imagine opening up a McDonalds franchise for free? Opening up a McDonalds requires almost a million in cash assetts and 1.5 million available.

So with that said, you can see why it is hard to create a business for free. Having a business requires obtaining an ASSET which you can sell over and over again.

For instance with McDonalds, their assets are their recipe's, thier land, store, location, equiptment and employees.


So usually assets come with a price. However, we have found some very creative busineses that have found a way for you to create an asset with them for FREE.


Here is a "catch factor" chart that will help you with each of the free income sources. Each business will be graded with a rating.This key works with a "5" rating being high stress and "1" being low. 

Note: This rating has no indication of how much money you can make with the system. 

Catch factor 1 = Low stress
Catch factor 5 = High stress


Good Programs:

First Free Income Source:
Income Jack

System created by Alan Cosens
 (Scroll down half the page to see Alan's video). 

Step One inside allows you to make money helping Fortune 500 companies.

key = 3
*see my video below for details why

Click on pic to see video. 

You first of all create an asset for yourself by trying out (for free) the different services and products. Once you know what many of them are about, then you learn how to make sales by marketing these companies to others. It does not require marketing skills but you will obviously make more if you learn.

NOTE:  This system has an additional program inside that allows you to make money answering market research questions. You can also earn $10 by just answering 9-10 EASY questions. These are NOT SURVEYS!
Then you can earn extra money everyday by continuing to answer these questions. This requires no business building skills or creating leverage to earn!

This program is NOT highlighted inside. It is one of the Fortune 500 companies in Step One.
 PLEASE ASK YOUR SPONSOR OR COACH FOR DETAILS where this company is after you begin to complete Step One!

Click here

Second Free Income Source: 

Make $20 over and over again with Netspend

Key = 2
*Opt for $5 mo. intstead of $1 charge each time you use card.
This allows unlimited spending without further charges to your Netspend card.
If you do this than Key = 1

First Make $20 by clicking on my link and then registering for a free pre-paid Netspend Card and loading $40 onto it. By doing this simple task Netspend will add $20 onto your account within a couple business days!

You also earn $20 just by referring people to the Netspend card. As you can see I’m referring you to this company right now! Do I also receive $20 for referring you? Yes I do. 
Do you see how easy this is? 
Do you think you could do what I just did? Want to have a web page like mine to refer people? click here for more info.  
Specific and Important Details about account:

Just simply click below and open a free Netspend Card account. You will make $20 by simply loading the card with $40 (your account will then show $60 in a couple business days).

Important Note: If you already have a Netspend Card you won’t be able to make the $20 from joining but just ask me how to find your link so you can advertise and make $20 each time someone you refer loads the card.

This program has been around for years. I just didn't know how to effectively advertise it back then. But I can show you how to do that easily enough now. :-)

Click here

Third Free Income Source: 

Make Income Shopping with Trunited.

Key = 1
*No stress except for readjusting shopping habits slightly.

Shop online at major retail stores such as WallMart, Target, Safeway, Starbucks, iTunes, Home Depo, CVS, and many many more through Trunited.

About Trunited


Want to check out the Trunited Comp Plan: 

Go here

My Suggestion!

If you're like me, then my suggestion is to start buying gift cards to WallMart and places you can do your shopping, then go out in the car and get your groceries (or just buy everything online and if you buy over $49* then you get free shipping)

Buy your movie tickets and itunes through Fandango, AMC and iTunes store on Trunited. Get a gift card to Home Depo and use it when you need to go! Save money and also start the process to earning. Show others what you're doing and have them join you. Then start making real income!*

*See comp plan for full details

Save, then earn additional income and even six figures and above by shopping and building a team who like to shop like you. Turn your shopping into an asset for yourself!

Click here

Fourth Free Income Source: 

Save money, Make money with NuMedia!

Save possibly $100 or more on Cable TV or even get it for free!*

Key = 2
*The reason for this is because you need to buy a firestick in order to use the NuMedia app. 

This program has a huge money making opportunity and is the easiest thing you will ever sell as everyone is looking to cut their cable expenses!

Alan explains how this works

Paying way too much for Cable, Spectrum, Direct TV, Comcast or the likes?
Many people get the great six month deal but then get hit afterwords with just a basic plan starting at $100. And if you want Starz, HBO or the others, you have to pay additional.

See how you can get your "cable" for a huge savings or even free and make great income too! You do not have to pay to make income with them. 

click here

Want the advertising pages, system I use, and funnel page you are on now? 

...or the ability to create your own?

Make Income Sharing What You Love!

Note: IT DOES COST. But ask your coach. There are DIFFERENT prices and programs available beside the Power Leads System (PLS) but without question PLS is the best. You also will get support from Alan Cosens with this program through PLS Masterminds. Click below for info on the PLS system:

Click here

What is the next step after this?

Speak to your Coach or Sponsor about learning the steps and skills involved in marketing online. There are specific things to be learned no matter what business you are following. If you ignore learning these, then you willl have a hard time promoting and advertising any program you get involved in. 

Make sure you watch the video by Alan Cosens below. It will be enlightening and give you an idea of marketing strategies that are available to you. 

This video by Alan Cosens explains how you can get Leads on Craigslist
and promote Income Jack.
(The 1st free income source). 

This is a great video and helped start me on the path to making consistant income online.


By starting the first program, Income Jack, you have the ability to work with Alan Cosens and also these added bonuses: 

Make money with No Cost and No Risk

Ability to also participate in program number four: NuMedia.

Learn and take advantage to Tons of free Marketing and Advertising tips from Alan

Ability to connect with Alan personally, ask him questions, learn from him and see the strategy he uses to make 7-figures online


Take the Tour of Income Jack!
No Cost, No Risk.

Additional Assets: 

Click on these additional assets. These are some of the BEST programs I have found on the market today. You will find that PLS has everything you need but these additional resources are additional INCOME STREAMS and can be very helpful. 

 They are either free or for purchase.

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